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s of books by Alex Grauwiler. This is his personal guide to the races, places, people, and anything else you can think of from the world of Mïdgâard...

The Darkheart Legendarium

The Darkheart Legendarium is a fantasy series set in the very near future...

There have always been whispers of strange and arcane peoples who have lived among us in secret. Elves, Dwarves, Faeries, etc. Since the beginning of time, silvertongued Storytellers have spun enticing tales from these threads of mythology to tantalize the imaginations of their audiences. But what they dont know, is that they are closer to the truth than they realize...

During the Early Years of the 21st Century, The World seems smaller than ever. The great philosophical mysteries have been explained, and the blank corners of the map have been filled in. But living among the unsuspecting Humankind are different races. Living in hiding. And now is the time that Ancient evils have reawakened to threaten both them and the rest of the waking world. The Dark Peoples walk upon the Earth once more, and the end of all things has been foreseen. The last hope lies with a secret organisation made up from these races named Pegasus. But known by most as 'The Kings own Men.' And a Changeling, born from a long dead house who can wield a Ancient power stronger than that of the Kings of old.

Darkness hides within the Light.

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